STAND4HERITAGE (New STANDards for seismic assessment of built cultural HERITAGE) ambitiously engages in introducing new standards for safeguarding built cultural heritage for the next generations, which is a major societal demand. Due to their large diversity, the accurate description of the structural behaviour of heritage buildings is still an open issue, particularly when subjected to earthquake ground motions.

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Latest News

May 6

The tilting table is finally assembled and running in the lab located on IB-S at UMinho.This equipment will be used...

April 26

Dr. Shaghayegh Karimzadeh Naghshineh has recently joined S4H group. Dr. Shaghayegh acquired her PhD from the Middle East Technical University...

March 22

The Historical and Masonry Structures (HMS) group of the Institute of Sustainability and Innovation in Structural Engineering (ISISE), University of...

February 25

The S4H team is currently developing a tool to enable the fast generation of masonry specimens. This latter aims at...

February 9

Free rocking experiments have marked the beginning of the experimental campaign of the S4H project. The tests have been conducted...

February 2

The S4H team, in collaboration with Dr Marco Francesco Funari, have recently published an article in Applied Sciences, entitled “A...

January 20

The calcium-silicate blocks ordered from Xella arrived this week to the University. These specimens are homogeneous, contrasting with the granite...

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