Work Packages

Work Packages
WP1: This WP addresses the influence of the seismic signal on the out-of-plane seismic response and capacity of masonry structures. In particular, it investigates the large diversity (in terms of duration, frequency content, correlation between phases) of earthquakes that can affect a given site.
WP2: This WP aims at experimentally investigating the actual dynamic response of masonry structures. Through the use of the different seismic signals determined in WP1 and definition of different structural geometries for analysis, this WP will result in the generation of a huge experimental dataset.
WP3: This WP explores the use of numerical and analytical modelling tools to study the seismic behaviour and dynamic capacity of masonry structures. Tools like rocking dynamics or macro-element modelling which are computationally efficient are to be validated on the experimental results (WP2) and tested under varying conditions (WP1).
WP4: Based on the results of WP3, this WP provides a set of new standards combined within an integrated analytical approach for the out-of-plane seismic assessment and subsequent intervention design of heritage masonry buildings. This is the main challenge of S4H, since it introduces rational rules for a task that has been approached mainly empirically.