Possibility of visiting the ERC project: S4H

Possibility of visiting the ERC project: S4H

STAND4HERITAGE is an ERC funded project. In this frame, interested researchers have the opportunity to come at UMinho to visit and participate to the ERC project.

You can apply for a grant via national funding agencies. This grant covers salaries, transportation costs, subsistence costs. The procedure of application is summed up here (full description available here)
– Find out whether you are eligible for one of the national funding programmes
– Apply directly to a national funding agency
– Contact a Principal Investigator (PI) offering a placement
– Meet an agreement with the PI for the stay
– Get your fund from the national funding agency

Note that if you are a EU-researcher, you need to apply later for an ERC grant, beneficiating from the experience you would have acquired during your visit. You’ll find a list of the available partnerships with national agencies here.

For non-EU researchers, the specific conditions as well as the list of the partnerships with national agencies can be found here.

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