Our Team

Dr Anjali Mehrotra

Anjali Mehrotra is a structural engineer whose research interests include earthquake engineering and structural dynamics, and the development of analytical and computational tools for modelling the dynamic response of masonry structures.

She obtained her BSE in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Princeton University in 2013, and her PhD from the University of Cambridge in 2019. Her doctoral research, conducted under the supervision of Prof. Matthew DeJong, focused on the development of a computational tool for the seismic collapse assessment of masonry structures. During this period, she also worked as a part-time teaching assistant in the Department of Engineering and as an undergraduate supervisor for King’s College, Cambridge. Prior to joining the S4H team, Anjali was a postdoctoral researcher in a 10-month collaboration between the Block Research Group at ETH Zurich and Prof. Matthew DeJong’s group at UC Berkeley.

She is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow in the S4H project, with a focus on the analytical and numerical modelling of the out-of-plane dynamic response of masonry walls.